Welcome to PeopleCert’s ITIL-Accredited Tool Vendors programme

Our Vendor Accreditation programme provides businesses with a list of accredited tool vendors (ATV) creating and implementing ITSM tools aligned with ITIL best practices. For tool vendors, ATV accreditation signifies authoritative confirmation by PeopleCert that their teams and tools adhere to ITIL best practices. For end customers, it translates to trust in accredited tool vendors and confidence in investments when selecting ITSM tools for implementation.

What sets this programme apart?

Our software assessment is the only official confirmation of ITIL-alignment

We are the only accreditation that addresses the certification of people who design, develop, sell and implement ITSM software

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For organisations looking to select ITSM tools

Use the ATV registry to make more informed decisions and reduce risks due to a better understanding of the market. Benefit from:

  • Industry Standard. Access the only authoritative and most trustworthy information about vendors and tools aligned with ITIL best practices. It comes from the owner of ITIL and is backed up by independent ITIL experts.
  • Verified Vendors’ Expertise. Ensure that selected vendors have professional teams committed to evolving and improving their products in adherence to recognised best practices for customers’ success.
  • Time and Effort Savings. Streamline the tool and vendor information gathering process. Allow more time for your specific needs and trust that basic ITIL processes are covered for you by the ATV accreditation.
  • Risk Mitigation. Minimise commercial risks by opting for ATV-certified software, ensuring compliance with intellectual property rights.

Explore our range of ITIL-compatible tools from accredited Vendors.

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For tool vendors

Elevate your brand and expand your customer base by joining our prestigious Tool Vendor Accreditation programme. Showcase your dedication to quality, ITIL best practices and customer satisfaction to stand out in a competitive market.

By assessing your products and earning the Accredited Tool Vendor badge, you will:

  • Build Trust. Gain authoritative confirmation that your tools are ITIL-compatible, instilling trust with customers.
  • Highlight Competence. Showcase your team’s high competence in tool design, development, sales and implementation.
  • Get Exclusive Access to ITIL. Get access to ITIL practice guides, analytical insights and other ITIL-related materials to better design, sell and implement your products.
  • Gain Market Recognition. Expand your market recognition and appeal to new customers and implementation partners.

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Customer Feedback

Nils Fechner, Project Manager

DEVK insurance was looking for a new IT Service Management tool. Due to the large number of vendors and solutions on the market, we turned to the official seal of approval for support in tool selection. 

With the seal of approval and the transparency regarding the certified software products, the evaluation could be carried out quickly and reliably.

From the project manager’s point of view, I can recommend the use of this seal of approval for an ITIL tool selection. The implementation of the selected solution has already begun.

Tim Schönnagel | Kirchliche Zusatzversorgungskasse Rheinland-Westfalen

“As there is a variety of tool vendors and software products on the market, we needed a sound basis when selecting an ITSM tool for implementation. In the list of ITIL accredited tool vendors we found relevant information about ITSM tools that had already been tested and evaluated according to a comprehensive set of ITIL-based criteria. By accessing verified information, we could save time and reduce risks when searching for and selecting our new IT service management tool.

We therefore highly recommend the use of the official seal of approval as it provides clear business benefits.”

Nicole Ewen (CIO) und Ulrich Rieth (Service Manager SAP)

“We, the central IT department of Witzenmann GmbH, were looking for a modern IT service management solution. The preparation of a comprehensive invitation to tender was not feasible for us due to the expense involved. The seal of approval provided us with clear transparency of the certified software products and their functionality. This allowed us to greatly simplify the search and selection of our ITSM tools and implementation partners. Now we have already rolled out the new tool on the basis of a phased implementation plan and are now in productive operation.

We certainly recommend the seal of approval as a basis for tool selection!”