The Accreditation Process

To make the accreditation process authoritative, independent and highly professional, PeopleCert accredits and works in close cooperation with a set of Accredited Tool Vendor Assessor (ATVA) organisations that conduct the software assessments and (optionally) provide additional training services to software vendors.

The tool vendor accreditation process has several stages:


Meeting the Accredited Tool Vendor Assessor (ATVA) criteria



The software assessment is done by independent organisations – Accredited Tool Vendor Assessors (ATVA).

To make end customers sure that the software is assessed by independent professionals, all ATVAs fit a set of strict criteria. An ATVA must:

  • Not be a software vendor in the IT management area and not be controlled by an external stakeholder owning a software development business in the IT management area.
  • Not assess the software with which it works as an implementation partner.
  • Have an IT consulting practice and hire properly certified employees for this purpose.
  • Have at least two Certified PeopleCert Software Assessors to conduct software assessments.

A list of Accredited Tool Vendor Assessors



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