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This characterizes the software solution

Our offering, Freshservice, is the award-winning ITSM product from Freshworks, a global multi-product company with over 25,000 business customers worldwide. Our goal with Freshservice is to modernize IT and other business functions with a refreshingly user-friendly, easy-to-configure IT service desk solution. It is a cloud-based platform used to manage IT incidents and enterprise-wide service requests. IT managers and admins can use Freshservice to provide the best possible support to their end users.

The Freshservice IT Service Management solution follows ITIL guidelines and best practices with a simple, refreshing and intuitive user experience, bringing ITIL processes such as incident, service request, problem, project, change and release management directly into a service desk. All of these processes revolve around IT assets deployed in a robust CMDB to manage your configuration items (CIs). Freshservice also lets you publish your solution articles to the knowledge base, which is hosted in the cloud. Freshservice strives to make IT support fun, with its gamification system to keep support agents motivated and productive. Freshservice is a product based on Freshworks’ experience in delivering user-friendly omnichannel support solutions. You benefit from an ITSM solution that puts the customer first and is easy to configure and maintain.


Certified Practices

  • Monitoring & Event Management
  • Incident Management
  • Service Request Management
  • Problem Management
  • Service Catalogue Management
  • Service Level Management
  • Availability Management
  • Information Security Management
  • Change Enablement
  • Deployment Management
  • Release Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Measurement & Reporting Management
  • Service Configuration Management

License Model

Freshservice is a highly scalable solution that can accommodate as many licenses as our customers need. An agent is the team member who handles incoming requests. Administrators who need occasional access can use day passes that allow access until the end of the day.

We do not support concurrent licensing. Each agent that logs into the Freshservice instance requires their own license, depending on whether they are full-time* or occasional**. However, Freshworks provides alternative ways for agents to work with the helpdesk. It depends on how often you log in and what access rights the technicians need. Change requestors, end users, approvers, and CAB members are not agents within the Freshservice platform and therefore are not billed. If custom integration with third party software (not available in our marketplace) is required, this would incur additional costs. The cost will depend on the type of integration and complexity.
*Full-time Agents: Full-time agents are the core technical and operational team that reports to your service desk to provide support.
**Occasional Agents: Occasional agents check in at irregular intervals to oversee the task or when their involvement is required during a specific time period, such as the supervisor or visiting maintenance technician. This way, people from other departments in your company, such as engineering and troubleshooting, can log on and focus on the specific problems and requests from time to time. And you can do this without having to purchase an additional agent access for an entire month.

We offer the best plans for Freshservice with the Starter plan for $19, Growth plan for $49, Pro plan for $89 and Enterprise plan for $109 annually. Translated with (free version)

Available License Models

  • Named-User-Lizenz

Operating Model

For data hosting, customers can choose between Europe, the USA, India and Australia. Once the location is chosen, data storage, both primary and backup, remains at the chosen location.

Available operating Models

  • Public Cloud (Deutschland)
  • Public Cloud (International)

Available languages

  • German
  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • more

Where is the software used? - References

Our ITSM solution is used by global brands such as Chargebee, TaylorMade, NHS Western Sussex Hospitals, VICE Media Group, Ring Central, Wake Forest University and many others.a

Do you need help? - Support

Freshworks provides high quality standard support to all customers and there is no additional cost for support. Freshservice support team works 24*7 and you can reach Freshservice technical support team via email (24×7), phone (24×5), chat (24×7) and portal (24×7); all support contact coordinates are available on our support website. We provide ongoing support and maintenance for all elements of the Freshservice instance. This includes 24×7 technical support to fix any customer issue or answer any customer query. This means that Freshservice provides the first level (L1) to the fourth level (L4) of support.

Always up to date - training courses

Freshworks believes that training is one of the key factors to increase the adoption of the tool. After identifying [customer name]’s training needs, the Freshworks implementation team creates a training plan. Training is customized based on the helpdesk portal (post-Freshdesk implementation). All supporting materials and training resources are provided as part of the package; apart from the in-product first time suggestions such as setting up support channels and navigating within the tool. We have a wealth of training resources available online to ensure our customers get the help they need throughout their Freshworks journey. Starting with setting up the tool and ending with how to best manage it. The Freshworks Academy provides training materials for all types of stakeholders using the tool (agents, administrators, and end users). Additional support, such as video tutorials and knowledge-based solution articles, can also be used by our customers to get the solution they need. We also have an active community forum where our customers can share feature requests, ideas and issues with other customers and our product team, which are reviewed and provided with updates/solutions by our product team.


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