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OMNITRACKS Service Cloud for IT

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This characterizes the software solution

OMNITRACKS is Software Made in Germany – the support and development of OMNINET is located entirely in Germany. The manufacturer OMNINET has over 20 years of experience in the development of sophisticated IT service management software and has created a ticketing system based on the proven software platform OMNITRACKER especially for SME’s who want to use the advantages of a professional ticketing system but do not want complex and expensive implementation projects with individual customizing.

The OMNITRACKS solution is provided as a pure cloud model and operated by OMNINET in certified data centers. The application can be deployed productively within one day through intuitive system parameterization and master data imports on your own. The essential ITIL practices are supported out-of-the-box and can be applied in a simplified way, if required, based on the company’s own best practices. In addition to the IT Service Management practices, several individual ticket processes can be activated in the system, e.g. to allow internal ticket processes to be handled in a structured manner by a specialist department (e.g. for external customer service requests, marketing requests, requests to the legal department, etc.). This makes OMNITRACKS a flexible system for any ticket type and request type. Together with an integrated CMDB, knowledge base and task management as well as a customizable self-service portal, OMNITRACKS is a full-featured service desk solution at an affordable and simple pricing model for a quick start into modern ticketing.

Customers who need more flexibility, customizing and additional enterprise service processes over time can easily migrate to the OMNITRACKER ITSM Center solution, as both solutions are technically based on the OMNITRACKER business process platform.


Certified Practices

  • Incident Management
  • Service Request Management
  • Problem Management
  • Change Enablement
  • Knowledge Management

License Model

Simple Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) “all inclusive” subscription model. The price is calculated according to the number of users per month (customers or users of the self-service portal are not considered users and can be managed with the system free of charge). There is no limit for the number of customers, tickets, CIs/assets or other objects.

There are 3 variants to choose from (for current prices and options see OMNITRACKS website):

  • BASIC (29€ per user and month, up to 3 users): Includes all standard processes and basic functions; no support access.
  • PROFESSIONAL (49€ per user and month): BASIC functions plus KPI reporting and customization options; support access via email and web portal.
  • PREMIUM (69€ per user and month, from 10 users): PROFESSIONAL functions plus options choice of data center region, choice of maintenance windows, own system instance and telephone support access

Available License Models

  • Named user license

Operating Model

OMNITRACKS is offered as a pure public cloud model. I.e. OMNINET operates the system as a provider and provides the customer with access via web browser for the defined contract period. Each customer has its own application instance for its own data.

Available operating Models

  • Public Cloud (Deutschland)
  • Public Cloud (International)

Available languages

  • German

Where is the software used? - References

The underlying system platform OMNITRACKER is used by over 700 customers. These customers are spread across a wide range of industries and all market segments, from small and medium-sized enterprises to large corporations and global players. Besides private companies, OMNITRACKER is also used by various public institutions and institutes.

The solution OMNITRACKS has the target group of small and medium-sized enterprises and service providers with less than 10 system users on average.

Do you need help? - Support

Depending on the price variant, support via web portal, email or phone is included (number of support requests is not limited).

Support can be provided in German and English. Support hours are weekdays 8.00-18.00 o’clock

Always up to date - training courses

For OMNITRACKS, all descriptions are provided free of charge in the form of online help. The online help is constantly being expanded. The system is designed for intuitive setup and use without the need for training.

If the customer still needs support, an individual consultation is offered for billing on a time and material basis.




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