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This characterizes the software solution

SERVALX is a modern and contemporary enterprise service management system and drives digital value creation and the successful digitization of cross-system and cross-organizational processes. SERVALX makes it possible to digitize and expand work processes throughout the entire company with a single, uniform service management platform and to develop them on the basis of a BPMN workflow.

With around 100 standard services, you can provide digital work processes for core service areas (IT, HR, marketing, finance, facility, legal and central services) in a very short time and with minimal resources. The service templates can be adapted to individual needs at any time without interrupting operations. This is done quickly and easily by the respective service managers, even without IT support. Long project runtimes and major risks are thus massively reduced, and a pilot project is used to quickly determine which standard services still need to be adapted, changed or created.


  • SERVALX is developed 100% in Switzerland by PLAIN IT.
  • SERVALX license model: “all inclusive” and “per employee” is simple, transparent and fair for our customers.
  • SERVALX supports out-of-the-box all offered service management practices and a variety of additional features.
  • SERVALX offers over 100 standard services.
  • SERVALX eliminates project risks, saves resources and can reduce project costs.
  • A service management solution for modern, digital workflows can be delivered quickly and with minimal effort to business units.
  • Departments can easily extend and customize existing BPMN workflow templates.
  • System integrations, device-specific solutions and extensions are easy to implement thanks to the underlying low-code multi-experience development platform Mendix.


Certified Practices

  • Monitoring & Event Management
  • Incident Management
  • Service Request Management
  • Problem Management
  • Service Catalogue Management
  • Service Level Management
  • Change Enablement
  • Release Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Measurement & Reporting Management
  • Service Configuration Management

License Model

Depending on the operating model, SERVALX is licensed on a service center basis (IT, human resources, marketing, etc) and “per employee” or subscribed to as a serivce.

Available License Models

  • Named user license
  • Enterprise license

Operating Model

SERVALX can be purchased as a SaaS solution in the public cloud as a subscription. SERVALX can also be licensed for operation in a cloud as an Iaas/Paas solution or On Premise.

The SaaS solution is operated in a public cloud in Germany and Ireland.

Available operating Models

  • On-Premise
  • Public Cloud (Deutschland)
  • Public Cloud (International)
  • Private Cloud

Available languages

  • German
  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian
  • more

Where is the software used? - References

PLAIN IT can draw on many years of experience in service management and as an ITSM integrator.

With the experience gained from many successful service management projects and through many years of exchange with customers from a wide range of industries, PLAIN IT offers an enterprise service management solution that is unique. PLAIN IT has already successfully implemented a large number of similar service management projects and has the necessary knowledge and project experience.

Do you need help? - Support

Depending on the operating model and the selected support plan, different support services are available.

In addition to self-help resources, community support and access to our specialists via support portal, 9×5 as well as 24×7 support is available depending on the support plan.
Local language support and other value-added services can be provided by our certified Solution Partners.

Always up to date - training courses

Due to the consistent focus on the user experience, the need for training is very low. The training portfolio offers practical training for every user group. Training courses can be held at the PLAIN IT training center, online or on-site at the customer’s premises.




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Software solutions are important for the successful implementation of service management processes in practice. The right tool ensures that people accept and can apply the processes. Take advantage of our years of experience and absolute neutrality when it comes to evaluating the right ITSM or PM software solution.