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This characterizes the software solution

SysAid Technologies offers a comprehensive IT Service Management (ITSM) solution tailored to streamline IT operations and enhance service delivery for organizations of all sizes. With a focus on efficiency and customer satisfaction, SysAid’s ITSM software incorporates a wide range of features, leveraging the latest in technology, including generative AI, to provide a holistic platform for managing IT services.

Key Features of SysAid ITSM Software:

Service Automation: Automate routine tasks and workflows to reduce manual efforts and speed up resolution times. This includes incident management, service requests, and change management processes.
Asset Management: Gain complete visibility into your IT assets, including hardware, software, and network components. Track asset lifecycle from procurement to disposal, and make informed decisions based on accurate asset data.
Self-Service Portal: Empower users with a self-service portal where they can submit tickets, search the knowledge base, and track the status of their requests. This reduces the workload on IT staff and improves user satisfaction.
Knowledge Base: Build a comprehensive knowledge base that enables both IT staff and end-users to find solutions quickly, reducing the need for ticket submissions and speeding up resolution times.
Analytics: Utilize advanced analytics to gain insights into IT service performance, user satisfaction, and operational efficiency. Customize reports and dashboards to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) and make data-driven decisions.
Fully Customizable User Interface: Tailor the SysAid interface to meet the specific needs of your organization. Customize dashboards, forms, and workflows to align with your IT processes.
Escalation and Routing Rules: Set up rules to automatically escalate or route tickets based on predefined criteria, ensuring that tickets are addressed by the right people at the right time.
SysAid Copilot: Harness the power of generative AI to provide a conversational self-service experience for end-users, reducing the need for direct IT intervention and improving overall service delivery.

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Certified Practices

  • Incident Management
  • Service Request Management
  • Change Enablement

License Model

SysAid offers a flexible licensing model designed to accommodate the diverse needs of organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises. The licensing model is structured to provide scalability and ensure that organizations only pay for the features and capabilities they need.

Editions: SysAid provides different editions of its ITSM software, including Help Desk, ITSM, and ITSM Enterprise. Each edition is tailored to meet specific organizational needs, with the Help Desk edition focusing on basic service management, the ITSM edition offering advanced IT service management features, and the ITSM Enterprise edition catering to complex IT environments with full ITIL alignment.

Available License Models

  • Desktop license
  • Named user license
  • Enterprise license

Operating Model

SysAid’s operating model is designed to provide flexibility and efficiency in managing IT service management (ITSM) processes, catering to the diverse needs of organizations. The software can be operated through both cloud-based and on-premise deployments, allowing businesses to choose the model that best fits their IT infrastructure and security requirements.

Cloud Deployment: In the cloud model, SysAid hosts the ITSM solution on Amazon Web Services infrastructure , offering a hassle-free setup with no need for extensive IT infrastructure. This option is ideal for organizations looking for scalability, ease of access, and reduced maintenance efforts. The cloud deployment ensures that users always have access to the latest features and updates without the need for manual intervention.

On-Premise Deployment: For organizations with strict data control policies or those that prefer to manage their IT infrastructure internally, SysAid offers an on-premise deployment option. This allows the ITSM software to be installed on the organization’s own servers, providing full control over the data and customization of the system.

Available operating Models

  • On-Premise
  • Private Cloud
  • Public Cloud (International)

Available languages

  • Dutch
  • English
  • German
  • Hebrew
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • more

Where is the software used? - References

SysAid has established itself as a trusted provider of IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions, serving a diverse range of customers across various industries worldwide.

SysAid’s customer base includes organizations from sectors such as education, healthcare, manufacturing, government, and non-profit, among others.

SysAid’s flexibility and scalability make it a suitable choice for organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises.

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Do you need help? - Support

SysAid offers comprehensive support to ensure that customers can maximize the benefits of its IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions. The support model is designed to assist users at every stage, from implementation to ongoing operation, ensuring that any issues are resolved promptly and efficiently.

Implementation Support: SysAid provides detailed guidance and resources to help with the smooth setup and configuration of its ITSM solutions, whether cloud-based or on-premise. This includes access to a rich knowledge base, step-by-step documentation, and best practices to ensure a successful deployment.

Technical Support: Customers have access to SysAid’s technical support team through various channels, including email, phone, and a dedicated support portal. The support team is comprised of experienced IT professionals ready to assist with any technical queries or issues that may arise, ensuring minimal disruption to IT services.

Training and Education: SysAid offers a range of training options to help users get the most out of their ITSM solution. This includes webinars, online courses, and customized training sessions designed to enhance the skills of both new and experienced users.

Community and Forums: The SysAid Community is a valuable resource where users can share experiences, ask questions, and find answers from fellow SysAid users and experts. It’s an excellent platform for learning best practices and innovative ways to use SysAid.

Updates and Upgrades: SysAid continuously improves its ITSM solutions with new features, enhancements, and security updates. Customers are kept informed about the latest updates and provided with guidance on how to implement these improvements to keep their ITSM solution up to date.

Customer Success: SysAid’s customer success team works closely with customers to understand their unique needs and challenges. They provide personalized advice and strategies to ensure that customers achieve their IT service management goals.

SysAid’s support ecosystem is designed to provide a comprehensive, responsive, and user-focused experience, ensuring that customers can leverage the full power of SysAid’s ITSM solutions to drive efficiency and effectiveness in their IT operations.

Always up to date - training courses

SysAid offers a comprehensive training program designed to empower users with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively utilize its IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions. The training offerings are structured to cater to various user needs, from beginners to advanced IT professionals, ensuring that every user can maximize the benefits of SysAid’s ITSM platform.

Online Tutorials and Webinars: SysAid provides a wide range of online tutorials and webinars that cover the basics of the ITSM solution, as well as advanced features and best practices. These resources are ideal for users who prefer self-paced learning and wish to deepen their understanding of specific functionalities.

SysAid Academy: The SysAid Academy is a more structured training program that offers in-depth courses on various aspects of the SysAid ITSM solution. Courses are designed to provide comprehensive knowledge, from system setup and configuration to advanced service automation and customization.

Customized Training Sessions: Recognizing that organizations have unique needs, SysAid also offers customized training sessions. These can be conducted virtually or on-site and are tailored to meet the specific requirements of your organization. Customized training is perfect for teams looking to focus on particular areas of the SysAid platform or to address specific operational challenges.

Documentation and Support Materials: In addition to formal training programs, SysAid provides extensive documentation and support materials, including user guides, FAQs, and best practice documents. These resources are readily available and can serve as quick reference guides for users.

Community and Peer Learning: SysAid encourages learning through community engagement. The SysAid Community Forum is a platform where users can share experiences, ask questions, and learn from peers. It’s a valuable resource for gaining insights and practical advice from other SysAid users.


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