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This characterizes the software solution

TOPdesk is a 100% web-based service management tool that can be purchased as software as a service or hosted on-premises on your own servers.
In the spirit of continuous deployment, TOPdesk provides regular upgrades and updates to ensure that our customers’ systems are always up to date. All settings and customizations are applied during the upgrade and do not need to be saved again.

A TOPdesk consultant will assist you with the initial implementation and setup of TOPdesk. After implementation, you should be able to administer your system independently and make further adjustments without support from TOPdesk. Basically, settings and adjustments within the system do not require any programming knowledge.

Using the REST API programming interface provided, you can create your own interfaces and connect existing third-party tools, either independently or with the help of your consultant. TOPdesk also supports the establishment of enterprise service management (ESM). This is intended to serve as a central point of contact for incident reports, complaints or requests to the IT, facility or HR departments, for example. ESM gives you the opportunity to standardize similar processes from different areas of your organization and significantly increase your service quality in the long term. TOPdesk offers the ideal solution for efficient enterprise service management.

From development, sales, implementation to support, everything is in your own hands.


Certified Practices

  • Monitoring & Event Management
  • Incident Management
  • Service Request Management
  • Problem Management
  • Service Catalogue Management
  • Service Level Management
  • Service Continuity Management
  • Information Security Management
  • Change Enablement
  • Relationship Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Service Financial Management
  • Measurement & Reporting Management
  • Service Configuration Management
  • Supplier Management

License Model

Licensing is based on the selected package as well as on the number of editors. These are named licenses.

The license, which corresponds to a subscription, includes all updates and upgrades as well as quota-free support and maintenance. During the contract period, TOPdesk customers automatically receive the latest version of TOPdesk.
With its Essential, Engaged and Excellent packages, TOPdesk has the right solution for every type of organization, from small businesses to multinationals. TOPdesk Essential is ideal for the first step towards professionalizing the helpdesk. TOPdesk Excellent is the most powerful version, which meets the highest requirements for IT service management according to ITIL. It is possible to start “small” with TOPdesk Essential and later upgrade to the larger version. Since only the license needs to be exchanged, an upgrade can be made at any time and very easily. Already used licenses will be charged.

You should not pay for things you do not need. You can design your TOPdesk environment to best suit you – no matter how big your company is or what feature set you need.
The price is based on two factors:

  1. The package you want: the feature set you need is an indicator of which package – Essential, Engaged or Excellent – you need. In this way, TOPdesk grows with your requirements.
  2. Number of agents: Your costs are also based on the number of agents you manage.

Due to the interplay of the factors explained above, it is not possible to provide a flat-rate price. Requests for price information can be sent to us at any time via our homepage or by telephone.

Available License Models

  • Named user license

Operating Model

TOPdesk can be purchased both on-premises, hosted on the company’s own servers, and as software as a service from the cloud.
The corresponding data centers are located in the Netherlands. During the service window, an availability of 99.9% per year is guaranteed. Updates and upgrades are installed automatically on a regular basis, so there is no maintenance effort for the customer.

On-Premises, TOPdesk is installed in the form of a virtual appliance on the customer’s own server and runs as a virtual machine. Such an environment is run on a virtualization platform, also called a hypervisor. TOPdesk provides a virtual machine image including the following components:

  • the current TOPdesk on-premises release.
  • a preconfigured operating system (the Linux-based CentOS).
  • the third-party software required by TOPdesk, such as OpenJDK.

Updates and upgrades are provided four times a year in release packages and can be installed by the customer with little effort.

Available operating Models

  • On-Premise
  • Public Cloud (International)

Available languages

  • German
  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian
  • Polish
  • more

Where is the software used? - References

TOPdesk is aimed at companies of all sizes across all industries. The Essential, Engaged and Excellent products are used by everything from small businesses to multinationals.

TOPdesk is used, for example, in the following sectors: cities and municipalities, universities, hospitals, manufacturing, banks, insurance companies, the automotive industry and retail.

TOPdesk Essential is ideal for the first step towards professionalizing the helpdesk. TOPdesk Excellent is the most powerful version, meeting the highest demands for IT service management according to ITIL. It is possible to start “small” with TOPdesk Essential and later upgrade to one of the larger packages (Engaged or Excellent). Since only the license needs to be exchanged, an upgrade can be done at any time and very easily.
The software has its origins in classic helpdesks and IT departments. As enterprise service management software, TOPdesk is also used for shared services in order to collaborate across departments.
Customer references can be found here:

Do you need help? - Support

Our technical specialists are available Mon – Thurs from 8:30 am – 5:30 pm and Fri from 8:30 am – 5:00 pm. Support is provided in German by our colleagues in Kaiserslautern. Customers can submit their requests by phone, e-mail or via our My TOPdesk portal. In My TOPdek, customers can also access important information such as our own knowledge database.

Basically, TOPdesk Support works with two priority levels (high priority and standard priority). Based on your information, TOPdesk Support assigns a certain priority to your incident and acts accordingly.

The standard priority concerns all incoming incidents where your instance is still usable and the operation is not completely stopped or has to be stopped.

  • Response time: 8 hours
  • Resolution time: 75% within one business day

The “high priority” assumes that TOPdesk cannot be used – both in on-premises and SaaS operation. All incoming requests, whether from on-premises or SaaS customers, are handled or processed by Support with the same priorities.

If it is a high priority incident, it is important to contact TOPdesk Support by phone. For example, initial login to TOPdesk is not possible or your TOPdesk environment is unavailable. As soon as TOPdesk determines that a SaaS environment cannot be reached, a high priority incident is published in the “My TOPdesk” customer portal.

TOPdesk monitors the availability of productive SaaS environments around the clock, seven days a week.

  • Response time: within 15 minutes
  • Resolution time: 75% within 30 minutes

Always up to date - training courses

TOPdesk offers various practical standard training courses. The agent training forms the basis for independent work with TOPdesk. Groups of up to 10 users learn how to work optimally with TOPdesk. The first step is a live presentation of the tool by the consultant. Your individual TOPdesk instance is used for this purpose. Afterwards, the training participants solve exercises and directly implement what they have learned.

The application managers (administrators) are already fully involved during the implementation and learn the necessary know-how about the application. Therefore, subsequent application manager training is usually only necessary if an employee changes or a new application manager joins the company. This takes between half a day and a day.

In the API and action sequences training, participants learn the basics of the TOPdesk API. In the process, they design and test their first API calls themselves.

In addition, TOPdesk offers update training, which is aimed at customers who already know TOPdesk and need to be informed about new features.

In addition to the standard training courses, it is also possible to book individual training courses for individual modules, such as change management.

The trainings take place within your organization or via remote appointment.


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